Hello Everyone!

My name is Winnie and I love taking photos of people. I started my journey as a photographer in 2015. I, surprisingly, began taking photos through style blogging. I picked up an expensive camera because I wanted get good photos of myself and how I style my own outfits. I also wanted to capture my friend’s outfits to show off how I can also put their entire look together. The goal was to become a wardrobe stylist, but my path to becoming a wardrobe stylist shifted. As I took more photos of my peers, people began to notice and comment on my photos more than they were noticing the looks I was putting together. So I had to decide between the two. I listened to my friends who are very supportive of me taking on this journey of photography! I fell in love with photography and also the look on my subjects face when they see their photos is priceless. Whenever I see a face I see light up, I know that I don’t ever want to stop. I still enjoy putting people’s wardrobes together so I have included that in some of my packages especially for couples and individuals who need a little bit of help.

I can’t wait to work with you and meet many of you! My goal is for you to have FUN in our photography sessions and leave with confidence that your photos are going to be AWESOME! Please don’t be afraid to contact me. I’m very excited to work with you and remember, I’m here for EVERYONE! I want to capture everyone’s BEAUTY because I hear that “beauty does not exist without diversity”. So please do not be shy!


Winnie ❤


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